in Nature

A shared retreat into nature.

[A cabaña is a simple house at the waterfront]

The Coco Cabañas Vision

High Fläming:
Nature and Culture

You don't need a big house if it's nice outside. Coco Cabañas lies at the village edge, at the foot of Brandenburg's highest mountain, in the middle of the Hoher Fläming Nature Park. You will find open-minded people in this region shaped by a long history of immigration. Left to discover in the immediate vicinity are castles, climbing hall, converted concert barn, thermal bath, thriving communities, organic shops, and even an eco-golf course. Without the noise of the streets and the smoggy air of the big city, you will find your place of peace and quiet between fields and forests. Explore the hiking, riding and cycling paths, swimming ponds and streams, find great bustards and wolves, forage fruit from the trees, mushrooms, and blueberries. And for dinner you just pick a delicious wild herb salad.

The Villages:
Community and Exchange

You don't need a big house if you live in a Coliving village. The Coco Cabañas are located in the middle of the tranquil village of Klein Glien, with just 70 inhabitants a view of the fieldstone church. The volunteer fire brigade is just a stone's throw away and at the village festival you will drink, chat, and play together. In the Tiny House village with about 24 neighbors, community is also a top priority: The land belongs to everyone and infrastructure is shared as a matter of course. Tomatoes are grown and ideas are forged in the old greenhouse, birthdays are celebrated in the former boiler house, a chat is held in the village square, and garden tools and other facilities are shared. Everyone has more when things are shared.

Your Neighbor: Coworking and Infrastructure

You don't need a big house if your office is right outside your front door. Need a Skype room, 3D printer, or professional video editing suite? No problem. At Coconat you'll find all kinds of workspaces, exciting people, and fast internet. Just behind the barn, you'll find all the infrastructure you're used to in the city. Just one minute away: vegetarian and vegan food, a handicraft café, the maker’s space Cocolab, table tennis, and foosball, a village Späti, a great barrel sauna, yoga and meditation classes, a massage studio, a rustic pub with local beers and whisky, guest rooms, cultural events, and above all an international and local community of creative and good-humoured people. And if you don't feel like picking wild herbs, there is pizza from the wood-burning oven on Saturdays in the summer.

The World:
Berlin and Accessibility

Living in Berlin is beautiful, but many people also long for the countryside. Why not have both? The Coco Cabañas are located exactly between Berlin and Leipzig, not in the sprawling suburbs but in a real village. The train runs from Berlin Hauptbahnhof every hour (in 2022 every 30 minutes!) and in exactly 60 minutes, you are in Bad Belzig, just 6 km away. There are regular bus services, taxis, a newly built bicycle path, and of course various hiking routes that bring you to our doorstep (even an art trail and a barefoot route). For motorized individual traffic (of course carpooling with fellow villagers is best) Klein Glien is easily accessible between the A2 and A9.

Just your thing? We’d love to have you as a Tiny House resident.

Your Tiny House

12 - 15
Tiny Houses

16 / 20 / 24 m²
Floor Plans

Individual Interior and Exterior Design

Flexible Partitioning of the Interior Space

Your house is yours! You can choose between 16, 20, or 24 m² floor space. The room height is an airy 3.5m, high enough that you can build a loft bed if you like. As a start from us,, you get a solid low-energy house made of wood with a large glass front and bathroom, we take care of all necessary utilities, and the rest is left to your imagination. It is important that we keep a uniform house types so that the coordination effort with the actual building remains timely and more easily manageable. At the same time, we see ourselves as part of the DIY movement and are happy if you make your house your very own tiny dream home. Use the maker’s space next door, build upcycled furniture, green your walls, build a whirlpool on the roof to watch the stars... there are no limits to your creativity. And if at some point you should find yourself drawn elsewhere (which we hope you won't), the Tiny House can be easily transported elsewhere.
Interested? Find information about the property here.

The Grounds

A meadow becomes a village! A 3,000 m² plot next to the Klein Glien manor-house, built in 1823, is waiting to become a Tiny House village. Onsite there are an old greenhouse and a boiler building which will be transformed into community spaces. There will also be a shed for gardening tools, a communal laundry room, a village square, and parking spaces for bicycles and cars. A 1,000 m² swimming pond is located directly next to the site, plans are already in place to naturally filter the pool. Other infrastructure such as on-site natural waste treatment and sustainable energy concept are being developed for the project. Just next to the Tiny House village are three little used agricultural fields, with possibilities for purchase and creation of a large community garden. The large agricultural fields behind the property are all organic.
Looking for like-minded people? We’re building a community.

The Community

Our village should become a community in which you feel comfortable - not a bourgeois allotment garden. The entire property belongs to all Tiny House owners through a cooperative. This also means that everyone has a vote and everything is decided democratically. We would like to transfer the positive experiences we have had with coliving in Coconat to the Tiny House village: a relaxed, appreciative environment, creative exchange, and personal freedom are of paramount importance next to the community. Your home is your sanctuary, but if you feel like company or want to exchange ideas with other creative people, there is always an opportunity to do so in the numerous common spaces. Tiny houses are not for everyone, but they are just right for people who want to reduce themselves and live more mindfully. So you are in good company. You don't have to take out a huge loan, and since we are a cooperative it will be much easier to get a small loan, even if you are self-employed.
Our drive? Enhancing rural areas.

Our interests

The team of Coconat is looking forward to welcoming you as new neighbours. As a social enterprise, the topic "rural development" is close to our hearts. We invest a large part of our manpower in projects that we hope will help make living and working in the countryside even better. For example, we have founded the non-profit Smart Village e.V. together with local players, with which we want to make the region a driver of innovation. As new Flämingers, you will contribute to increasing the diversity and inventiveness of this dynamic spot on earth. We are also developing Coco Cabañas in order to raise some money for furthering the development of Coconat, through further expansions into the historical buildings, to preserve important cultural assets, and of course to create space for everyone’s ideas.


You are interested and wonder what are the next steps? Get in touch with us. We are planning an information evening to get to know all potential future Tiny House residents and give further information about the process.

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